Awesome client testimonial for Growthinkers Jonathan Gomez and Darlene Fukuji

These are the kind of great client notes that make a business happy!  Great, great job Jonathan and Darlene!

I recently had the distinct pleasure of working with Jonathan Gomez, Darlene Fukuji and Growthink to develop a business plan for a start-up which is an on-line travel platform. They were absolutely phenomenal! 

Jonathan and Darlene expertly conducted her due diligence in a manner that challenged us to think in a manner that transformed our concept into a business model that made sense in the challenging investors' space and made sense as a viable business model to the stakeholders. She guided us with expertise and thought leadership that continually inspired me to challenge my team to focus and create strategic initiatives needed to validate the business plan for a start-up! 

Jonathan and Darlene created a financial model that was a perfect living, breathing and flexible tool that combined the market assumptions with statistical data to form a document that is a combination of predictive analytics and believable financial data. This tool will be used to forecast, predict, track and budget for the new business as it is a "living" and flexible model that includes all of the standard business financials. 

Jonathan and Darlene are intelligent, insightful and creative thinkers who collaborated with me, in a team setting, that was as professional and productive as I've seen in the last twenty-five years of executive management. 

Thank you Jonathan and  Darlene, I appreciate your help and talent, and I will always endorse and support you. You are both quite special and gifted. Thank you very much for helping us. 

- Michael Przybyla, Mighty Media Group