Antonio Barzagli 4 Year Growthink Anniversary!

All - today is Antonio Barzagli's 4-year anniversary with Growthink.  Antonio - thank you for all of the great, hard, client-focused work, creative thinking, and for your inspirational and high character, ethics, and professionalism that you have so consistently demonstrated during our years together.  

Looking forward to more great work together (and maybe at some more exotic and far-flung client locales!) in the years to come!


How to Make Your Management Consultant Feel Good

Today Jonah Moore and I moderated a strategic planning session for 27 executives of Mahar Tool Company at a retreat center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  At the end of the day, Mahar President Mike Kovaleski gave Jonah and I gave us signed copies of Ari Weinzweig's book (famed founder of Zingermans) - "Being a Better Leader" and inscribed both copies for us with personal thank you notes for Jonah and me from the company's executive team.  A real keep sake. 

See below.