Congratulations Katie Barraco! November 2015 Growthinker/ Guiding Metricser of the Month

Thank you for your dedication to clients Katie!

Katie's primary role as of late is in managing our PM and development teams, so her client interactions have been reduced as she re-focuses on sales efforts. 

That said, the development and project management teams have been carved in her image.

The most inspirational part of Katie's work at Guiding Metrics is that she is the perfect combination of development maven and client manager.  She sees between the lines in client requests and communications, translates them into valuable visualizations, and time and time again delivers a product that surpasses client expectations.  Katie's work inspires and centers our team in two main regards:  First, she helps ensure that we secure clients by going above and beyond in conveying what we can offer (i.e., building the Motorola mockup that impressed the executive who eventually helped us secure GGP). Secondly, she leads the project management and development teams to build dashboards that focus on value over limitations based on initial scoping. 

We had one client who serves as a Senior VP of marketing for Honest Kitchen, and despite the original scope of their project, the client found that they needed much more visibility to assist with their role. Katie worked directly with the project manager, and sacrificed an entire weekend and many evenings to re-build a huge portion of their dashboard over from the ground up. With record speed, she helped turn a challenging situation into a satisfied client who continues to get value from this more advanced, highly customized re-conceptualization of their metrics. 

This is only one example of the countless times she's put everything aside to improve the client experience. From there, Katie boils down the lessons from these challenging situations and imparts them with the project management and development team.